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I had to take a hiatus from the art world, sadly and unfortunately, but REALLY hope to get back to work soon!! I am kind of surprised by all the likes and followers, but I think it’s totally awesome all the same. :)

Be back soon—PROMISE.

She will be colored soon!
Lined with Painter from a pencil drawing. :)
Totally anime~ :)
Painter X & Bamboo create tablet.
buveur de sang (drinker of blood)
Solemn Girl.
Painter X, photoshop, bamboo create tablet. :) 
An older drawing; pencil on paper
Finished. She’s a girl. In a uniform of some sorts. Yeah, I suck at titles.
Pencil/paper/painter/photoshop/bamboo create tablet

My SL avatar. SL is so boring now. But my avatar looks awesome at least. :)

Eirwen the Vampire
Main character for a short story
Pencil on paper
Inked in Painter X w/ Bamboo Create tablet. Goodnight. I am tired. x_x